It wants to get sterile because of simple diet

It wants to get sterile because of simple diet

It wants to get sterile because of simple diet

In the person who wants to get thinner, there is the person not to be able to diet busily every day.

I am not produced at time that the housewife of the family in particular is pressed by child care and housework and faces each other for diet slowly either.

Though it is clogged up, the schedule has the person to have difficult exercise はできていなかったりで, diet.

To a person to be running out of time though I want to get thinner, the stretch that there is immediately using the time between the plow turns.

Because a complete set is possible, can the stretch not manage to come up with time in the busy people as five minutes either?

Because you may increase the number of times at time having a lot of time, I will wrestle willingly.

One is stretch of the upper bodies whom I worked as mainly on an arm.

At first I stretch out the left arm on the top and catch the elbow of the left arm by the right hand and knock it down on the right side.

I am adding the arm to a body and bend the upper body.

I keep the system which I tipped for approximately 20 seconds and put it back slowly.

I perform the same movement by two times of left each right.

In addition, by the stretch to sit down on the floor, and to have an ankle with both hands from the right instep, and to perform, I can tighten the hips and the lower part of the body.

I pull a foot with both hands while being similar so that a sole is pulled to the direction of buttocks.

If posture is decided, I just wait for ten seconds.

Muscle from inner thigh to buttocks grows.

I perform this right twice, left two times.

The diet effect gradually appears by continuing stretch.

The person to diet even if busy, and to want to get thinner should stretch for five minutes.


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